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Gavrila Gabriel is a Thief

Gavrila Gabriel (moaka93) outright stole over 40,000 US Dollars of backer’s money most likely to pay for cocaine and prostitutes.

Since April 8th 2015, we invested in, coached, trained and gave money to Gavrila Gabriel Viorel age 23 from Romania to play on a staking deal for us on the online poker rooms Pokerstars as moaka93, 888 Poker as moakaa, Winning Poker Network (America’s CardRoom) as makao, iPoker as mokanu93, and as moaka93. He uses the Skype ID gavrila.gabriel3 and the email address

Everything went fairly smoothly for at least a year. He had good luck at the start. Sometime between when we started and now, his habit of using prostitutes regularly deteriorated into a habit of drug use as well. We know from many of his friends that he started hanging around a different group of people and many of his personal friends within our staking group noticed that he looked very pale and would often have the shakes or jitters like a cocaine user would. They also noticed that he was travelling with this entourage of shady characters to poker tournaments.

Since the summer of 2016, where we let him play at EPT Barcelona until recently he went on a big downswing and had lost us over 52k dollars (note that he wasn’t in need of cash during this cold streak because he had won €25,200 completely for himself when he played the Unibet Open €1,100 No Limit Hold’em Main Event in Bucharest in December 2016 on his own money with our consent).

He finally just recently in March and May of 2017 recovered over 40k dollars worth of our losses in a very short period, and instead of returning us what was rightfully our money, he has decided to steal it all.

Gavrila Gabriel hangs out with an entourage that cares mostly about acquiring drugs, hot girls, and money. Obviously money is a key requirement to obtain drugs and prostitutes so this may be why stealing may go hand in hand with this lifestyle. We believe Gavrila Gabriel Viorel stole the money out of greed and or desperation to pay for his lavish lifestyle in Bucharest.

We believe Gavrila Gabriel Viorel stole

the money out of greed to pay for his

lavish lifestyle in Bucharest.

Be aware of Gavrila

because if necessary Gavrila will likely continue to try to steal anyone’s money to sustain his lifestyle.

A $5,000USD Bounty will be awarded to any who help recover the $40,000.
We will remove this if Gavrila returns the stolen money


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